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What first struck me about Honey was her sheer beauty. The queen is drop dead gorgeous! Honey is beautifully built, tall and slender, with a face that was definitely kissed by the gods. I have to say that I was knocked off my feet when I heard Honey perform at the gallery. The girl can sing! Honey blew me away with that voice of hers...

Take a listen to my interview with Honey where I think you will be as impressed as I was with her intelligence, honesty, and genuine concern for the people who make up our beautiful community.

San Francisco Bay Guardian

Singer, performer, social worker, photographer, glamour girl — Miss Honey Mahogany ( does it all and leaves you breathless. Catch up with her on the SFMOMA Pride Parade float (a drag salute to Paris, 1928) on Sunday, June 26, and look for her forthcoming EP this summer. "I feel really lucky to be coming of age as a performer at a time when there seem to be more and more queers out there in the public eye. Whether it be in popular media, politics, art, advocacy work, research ... we are everywhere! One thing I would really like to see in the next few years is the rise of new, massively popular gay icons ... and I mean ICONS, not celebrities. I think the world is ready for that. In fact, I think the world needs it."

SF Weekly

Best Drag Queen 
TIE: Honey Mahogany, Heklina

SF Weekly Blog

On Sunday night, I ventured out to Cocktailgate's peformance of Oprah, the Dragsical... Honey Mahogany played the title role to hilarious perfection, and many costume and wig changes led her from early eighties Oprah, all the way to the Oprah of the future (fat and devouring a city)... And even though Spaz is the host of the show, she opted to take a back seat to Honey's Oprah...


You will not find a more elegant drag queen than Honey Mahogany.

Talkin' Broadway

[Honey] is gorgeous in drag singing with great chops... [She] looks like a wonderful African-American Julie Newmar. 

San Francisco Bay Times

As long as [Suppositori Spelling] keeps featuring performers like… true songbird, Honey Mahogany, who sprang up out of nowhere a singing superstar… then Truck is definitely the place to be on Sunday nights.

San Francisco Bay Times

As a matter of fact, at the past two Cocktailgates there were a few performers who actually sang instead of synced.  One from the previous week named Honey Mahogany sang an amazing version of “Summertime” right as I was walking in… And then Honey Mahogany actually sang the most over-played-by-the-gays song of two years ago, “Rehab,” and she was amazing.